Kako vzdrževati peči na pelete

Če ste se odločili ogrevati na peči na pelete, morate vedeti, da je treba tovrstne peči tudi skrbno in predvsem ustrezno vzdrževati. Marsikateri lastnik peči na pelete namreč na to pogosto pozabi, kar lahko s seboj prinese nič kaj prijetne posledice. Peči na pelete zahtevajo nekaj dodatnega preventivnega vzdrževanja, vendar smo prepričani, da se vam bo ta skrb še kako dodatno izplačala. Zavedati se je treba, da boste le z ustrezno skrbjo za peči na pelete tem zagotovili dolgo in varno delovanje, sebi pa prihranili kar nekaj stroškov, ki bi sicer lahko nastali s popravilom nepravilno vzdrževane peči na pelete. Zelo pomembno je tudi, da se o načinu vzdrževanja in preventivnih ukrepih posvetujete s svojim ponudnikom peči na pelete, ki vam bo, glede na specifike vaše peči na pelete, znal dati ustrezne nasvete in namige o tem, kako vaši peči na pelete zagotoviti dolgo delovanje.

Vendar pa četudi delamo vse za to, da bodo naše peči na pelete delovale brezhibno, tveganja za nastanek vseh težav vendarle ne moremo popolnoma preprečiti. Prodajalec peči na pelete vam mora torej tudi dati ustrezne informacije, na koga se v primeru težav lahko obrnete. Razpoložljivost servisnega osebja in nadomestnih rezervnih delov naj bosta pomembna dejavnika že pri sami izbiri peči na pelete. Takrat, ko gre kaj narobe, vam bo to še kako pomembno. Zato pri izbiri najbolj ustrezne peči na pelete tega vidika zagotovo ne smete zanemariti. Če veste, da je tam za vas nekdo, nekdo, na katerega se lahko vedno zanesete, potem boste veliko bolj mirni tudi takrat, ko/če bo šlo kaj narobe.

The Nazi UFOs

Many people claim that German Nazi attempted to develop a superior spacecraft both during and before the World War II. The superior spacecraft has famously come to get the name Nazi UFOs. The stories link to the esoteric Nazism even though the there are no true evidence. The ideology gives a proposal of restoration of the Nazi by supernatural beings even though it is almost impossible.

The early 1950’s report on Nazi UFO sightings in Italy newspaper was the first claim. A German engineer later gave two interviews. He gave a claim that he had come up with an aircraft, which had its powering coming from circular planes that are of rotating turbines. However, someone stole the plane stolen according to him. His interview, unfortunately, was with several discrepancies, which led to much confusion since it was impossible for anyone to confirm the truth.

In 1953, Gorge Klein who is a German engineer claimed of having sighted both a disk containing a ring of turbine blades, which were moving around an immovable cockpit and a non-rotating disk. He also told of the designs of the disks. An aeronautical engineer who was present said that, the only crafts that resembled the flying saucers were the once that Germans designed at the end of the war.

nazi-ufoOther people also claimed that the society encountered aliens, causing them to create the Nazi UFOs in order for them to reach the aliens. The Nazis, however, were not victorious, which caused them to vanish later. Others also believe that the Germans got into collaboration with the Axis powers, for example, Japan and Italy, in superior vessel research. They also say that the Germans landed in the moon in 1952.

In the war, the Germans came up with technology, which they would use in designing their crafts and even weapons. They were with advanced weapon compared with those of their friends. As the war ended, several people claimed that the German friends raided their laboratories making a secret testing of their flying saucers. This then led to the famous Nazi UFO sightings.

A man called Rudolf wrote a book on the several reports of the Nazi UFOs. He was a major in the technical unit of the German. His book claimed that a German engineer with other many engineers were working on designing different disk shaped crafts. The book also spoke of the crafts having gone through testing, and   that they would go as far as altitude of 3900 feet within three minutes.

Many people think that Nick Cook, who is a respected journalist of aviation, probably took the Nazi UFOs research seriously. He was able to visit several places that Rudolf talked of in his book. This enabled him to link the Nazi UFOs stories to a man known as Victor Schauberger. He, therefore, made a conclusion that incase Victor was victorious; his crafts must have formed an anti-gravity effect. The truth behind Nazi UFOs, unfortunately, to date has become a mystery. Experimentation of the concept, however, within the Reich is possible.

All You Need To Learn About Olive Oil

olive-oilOlive oil is obtained from the olive tree, found in abundance in the Mediterranean region. The oil is extracted from the olive fruit through mechanical pressing or by the use of chemicals. Once extracted, the olive oil is used in cosmetics, soap manufacture, pharmaceutical industry, cooking, and traditionally as a fuel for lamps.

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil at approximately 44% of world’s production. Italy follows in the list, accounting for approximately 22% of world’s production. Other large producers of olive oil include Greece, Portugal and Syria. Most of the exported oil is of highest quality, commonly known as extra-virgin olive oil. Other classifications include refined olive oil and olive pomace oil.

Extra-virgin olive oil means that the oil has just been extracted from the olive fruits and no chemical treatment was done to improve the oil. The process entails pressing the olive fruits, washing the cake, decanting and centrifuging the mass to separate oil from the cake. Next, the olive oil is filtered and packaged without any other processes. It contains an acidity not exceeding 0.8% which gives the oil a strong taste. This olive oil finds application in serving soups and stews, for dipping and salads.

Below the grade of extra-virgin olive oil, we have virgin olive oil, which is slightly different in terms of acidity and taste. Its acidity is less than 1.5% and the oil has a good taste. Pure olive oil, in turn, constitutes a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. The oil simply termed as ‘olive oil’ is a composite of refined and virgin production oil of an acidity not exceeding 2%, usually with a slight flavour. Refined olive oil refers to that oil which has been treated using chemicals to reduce the potency of tastes and flavours. On the other hand, olive pomace oil is extracted from olive fruits using extraction solvents and heat. It is usually mixed with a little virgin olive oil and has similar health benefits with normal olive oil, though it is generally regarded as lower grade.

Olive oil falls in the category of healthy or ‘good’ oils, which contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are widely recommended by medical professionals and nutritionists, since they have a myriad of health benefits. To begin with, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are considered to lower the risk of heart disease. They considerably lower the amount of harmful LDL- cholesterol in one’s body, thereby reducing heart related risks. Olive oil could also maintain normal blood clotting, sugar levels and normal regulation of blood sugar. A diet rich in carbohydrates and fibre e.g. from grains and fruits and vegetables, with little amounts of saturated/ trans-fats and a generous amount of olive oil forms the best diet for diabetics.

Olive oil contains is rich in carotenoids and oxidants e.g. vitamin E, which help reduce oxidants in the human body. According to a recent research, olive oil has been shown to help reduce maximum and minimum blood pressure when taken regularly. Studies have also pointed out that olive oil could help suppress cancerous tumours in breast, digestive tract, and prostate cancer. Olive oil is a healthy addition to complete any good diet.

Source: http://oljarna-hrvatin.si/en

UFO at the Olympic opening ceremony

UFO olympic blimpWhile the fireworks were lighting up the heavens, which were above the Olympics opening ceremony, people could also see something else. About a billion people were watching the UFO, which was among the whizz-bangs in the sky. The incident was exactly as Nick Pope, who is one of the top UK’s UFO experts, predicted prior to the Olympics. He had said the mass summer events were going to be the best time that the crafts from the other worlds, were going to show themselves up to humankind.

Pope working in the ministry of defense for 20 years was able to make an investigation on the UFO reports between 1991 and 1994. As he begun his research, he was skeptic before he got a conviction that the sightings brought significant defense issues on air safety and national security. According to him, the ministry of defense has had a wide believe that the “aliens” have been watching them for many years

The central government has come to the realization that what was a science fiction at first is now real. In case the aliens had studied the people’s psychology, they would choose to appear in the skies on crucial days. The Olympic closing ceremony is a date, which the conspiracy groups spread. Two weeks before, it came to the realization that Tony Blair, the former prime minister got a briefing concerning the UFOs.

The briefing was from the ministry of defense since he had concerns on disclosure of confidential information on life forms of the aliens. The introduction of freedom of information enabled the public to get information concerning the alien mysteries. This was due to Downing Street requesting for advice for the prime minister.

The Daily Telegraph shows that Blair requested the MoD to give him advice to get its policy on the issue. One of the staffs informed him of their less interest in the UFO matters and their open-mindedness on the extraterrestrial life forms. The briefing particulars came before the release of files government, which was on July 12. There were pages exceeding 6,700, which were explaining on the different close encounters with UFOs for 30 years.

The policeman’s report on a mysterious cluster of lights is one of the many series of UFO sightings. The lights were moving across the sky when there was a replay between Manchester United and Chelsea. A mounted officer also gave a claim that he saw bright objects hovering over Stamford. The object hovered for about 15 minutes as they slowly changed shape and the colleague collaborating them.

Credible witness report is among the series which the ministry of defense did an investigation. Following the 2009 closure of the ministry’s UFO desk, the National Archives are releasing the top-secret files. A confidential report written in 1995 by a defense officer, who controlled the desk, says that extraterrestrial life forms were existent, but there is no evidence on them. The report also gives a speculation on why the aliens visit the earth. They suggest that they would have come for scientific research, military reconnaissance, or to enjoy the scenery and be partakers in some tourism.

UFO sightings in Canada

ufo-sightings-canadaThe month of May was one of the busy months in the world of UFO reports. This was because the researchers who were carrying out investigations in Winnipeg gave a report on the Canadian UFO survey. In Washington also, six members of congress together with 40 witnesses met to plead, with the UN in order to have them sponsor world conference on UFOs.

Don D., who is a retired psychology professor of the University of Mc Gill, wrote the UFO book. In his book, he confirms that the UFOs existed and that people should get used to them. MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager, born in Toronto and educated, always received letters from several people who saw weird objects. People wrote letters to have her explain on what the objects were.

 Sara searches for Goldilocks planet, which has its location in the far space that can support life. She does not know either of any scientist who believes that aliens make visits or in UFOs. She required more evidence together with hardware, which one can study objectively. This is by putting them on a lab bench and analyzing. According to her, there was a call for the information to get to people concerning on their research on the aliens even though not on intelligent life.

In Winnipeg, reports on UFO sightings in Canada released by Geoff Dittman together with Chris Rutkowski. There were 986 reports in 2011 and 1,981 the following year, which is about five daily. They realized that Ontario had many sightings compared to the other provinces, which may be because it has the largest population. Chris claimed that there are several activities in the sky and that many people were watching which was contrary to what people knew.

Many of the reports were on lights, which to him could be the paper lanterns of the Chinese floating high with a source of heat. It could also be airliners, which one views at odd angles, military exercises, or comets that are entering the atmosphere. Few of the Canadian sightings do not have a real explanation. There astronauts think that there could be life in the outer space, but it is difficult to get there or to come from there.

Chris argued that there was a need for them to get to know on what people see and experience. They also needed to know that the science of investigating on UFO was extinct. To the scientists, the phenomenon was foolish to bother since it was not hard to explain. In his book, he says that the positions were untenable. This was because one in ten Canadians believed to have seen a UFO. This means that around 3-4 million people had experience with the UFOs.

Rod Buckmuller, who is a retired courier business, is one of the many people who gave the report to Chris. His experience was on August 9, when he was smoking on the side porch. He heard his wife screaming and asking him to go where she was. She saw red and white lights above the tree. At first, Rod thought he was seeing a disc that was in about a meter away from where he was. The disc rotated slowly, and its red light gave way for a green one.

UFO sightings reports by the Astronauts

Major Gordon Cooper was among not only the original Mercury Astronauts, but also the last American to fly into the space alone. It was on May 15, 1963 when he flew into the space being in a Mercury capsule for a journey going around the world. In his last orbit, he told the tracking station, which is in Australia that of a greenish, glowing objects, which he could see a head of him. He said it was quickly approaching his capsule. The UFO was both solid and real since the tracking radar managed to pick it.

The National Broadcasting Company made a report on the sightings by Cooper and covered the flight systematically. However, on cooper landing, the reporters could not get to question him about the UFO sightings. Ten years before, in 1951, Cooper saw a UFO while he was flying an F-86 Sabre jet going through Germany. This made him strongly believe in UFOs.

The UFOs were saucer-shaped, metallic discs and were at a considerable altitude. They out-maneuvered all the fighter planes from America. According to Cooper’s testimony before the United States, the extra-terrestrial vehicles together with their crew came from one of the planets and that most Astronauts were reluctant in discussing the UFOs.

In the interview by J.L Ferrando, Cooper said that, for several years, he was keeping a secret due to the secrecy kept on all astronautic specialists. He revealed that each day in the USA, their radar instruments could capture objects, with unknown composition and forms. There are many reports from witnesses and a number of documents, which also prove the existence of the UFOs. No one, however, wants to make it public since the authority wants to avoid any form of panic.

 According to Cooper, he was also one of the witnesses of an unusual phenomenon in the planet earth. While he was in Florida, he witnessed with his own eyes a place burning up with flames. There were also four indentions, kept by a flying object that descended in the middle of the field. Human beings had left the vessel since one could also see other traces to prove. The beings collected soil sample before going back to their origin, and their disappearance was at a great speed. Cooper, unfortunately, happened to know that the authority did all it could do to put away the incident from the press and TV and avoid any form of panicking situation.

Donald Slayton, another Mercury astronaut also made a revelation in an interview that he had witnessed a UFO in 1951. He was testing a P-51 in Minneapolis when he sighted the object. For the first time, he was thinking that the object was a kite before realizing that it was impossible for a kite to fly high. As he moved closer, it was looking more of a weather balloon. He had sighted the UFO on a bright, nice and sunny afternoon and was at about 10,000feet. On reaching the object, he realized it was a saucer-disk and was quickly going away from him. The object then suddenly disappeared.

Where the debunkers were wrong

Betty and Barney were the first people to have experienced alien abduction. They were able to attract the world attention because of their UFO abduction, which took place in 1961. The story could not fade into outrageous annals since the two Hills had no interest on the topic, and hence were trustworthy people.

betty-and-barney-alien-abductionDebunkers, unfortunately, generated both misleading and false information, which said that Betty had an interest in the topic. They claim that she already believed in UFOs before the incident and that she had read different books on the UFOs. They went ahead to claim that she was a science fiction fan, and was able to watch several movies on UFO abduction. The facts are in the letter, which was from Barney to Major Donald Keyhole.

The investigator, who was Walter Webb, asked the Hills to tell him on their interest in the UFO topic before the abduction. Barney Hill according to his feedback was with no interest at all with the UFOs nor curious. The wife, on the other hand, was with a small interest that she told her father, but she claimed not to have read any books on the UFOs. Barney also said his family had an interest in the Soviet Union and the United State race but not on the extraterrestrial visitation.

It was in 1997, when Janet miller his mother, packed her car at the roadside to watch an amazing object, which was hanging in the night sky. She, together with many other witnesses, observed amazing objects, which were several in numbers and were disc shaped. The objects came towards a larger craft from various directions got into it. It then took off into the sky disappearing from the sight.

Janet told the story to several other grandmothers and to Betty and Barney in a family visit. Barney, however, required that there be additional explanation for it. Even though Betty thought it was possible, the conversation could not continue from there. There was no mentioning of the story until on September 20, 1961. Betty called to inform her of the experience she had encountered in the evening before in the White Mountains of the New Hampshire

Debunkers claim Betty’s personality to be a dominant one while that of Barney to be a submissive one. They say that Barney would believe, say or even do anything told by Betty, which is false. A test, carried out by Dr. Leo sprinkle on personality show that Barney was within the normal range on measures like self-confidence, suggestibility, self-doubt, inhibitions, excitability, among others. He also scored above average in such things as responsibility, perseverance, achievement, commitment to truth and justice, among others. He not only had his own mind but also a healthy sense of self.

Another claim by Debunkers is that, Barney was with so much stress before their visit to the Niagara Falls and Montreal. They say that they had an intention to use the time to rest which is false. This is because the Hills would have use the time to rest or even go to a nearby vacation. The facts are in the statement, which Barney made to Dr. Benjamin Simon, who is a prominent Boston psychiatrist.