UFO UFO sightings

UFO sightings reports by the Astronauts

Major Gordon Cooper was among not only the original Mercury Astronauts, but also the last American to fly into the space alone. It was on May 15, 1963 when he flew into the space being in a Mercury capsule for a journey going around the world. In his last orbit, he told the tracking station, which is in Australia that of a greenish, glowing objects, which he could see a head of him. He said it was quickly approaching his capsule. The UFO was both solid and real since the tracking radar managed to pick it.

The National Broadcasting Company made a report on the sightings by Cooper and covered the flight systematically. However, on cooper landing, the reporters could not get to question him about the UFO sightings. Ten years before, in 1951, Cooper saw a UFO while he was flying an F-86 Sabre jet going through Germany. This made him strongly believe in UFOs.

The UFOs were saucer-shaped, metallic discs and were at a considerable altitude. They out-maneuvered all the fighter planes from America. According to Cooper’s testimony before the United States, the extra-terrestrial vehicles together with their crew came from one of the planets and that most Astronauts were reluctant in discussing the UFOs.

In the interview by J.L Ferrando, Cooper said that, for several years, he was keeping a secret due to the secrecy kept on all astronautic specialists. He revealed that each day in the USA, their radar instruments could capture objects, with unknown composition and forms. There are many reports from witnesses and a number of documents, which also prove the existence of the UFOs. No one, however, wants to make it public since the authority wants to avoid any form of panic.

 According to Cooper, he was also one of the witnesses of an unusual phenomenon in the planet earth. While he was in Florida, he witnessed with his own eyes a place burning up with flames. There were also four indentions, kept by a flying object that descended in the middle of the field. Human beings had left the vessel since one could also see other traces to prove. The beings collected soil sample before going back to their origin, and their disappearance was at a great speed. Cooper, unfortunately, happened to know that the authority did all it could do to put away the incident from the press and TV and avoid any form of panicking situation.

Donald Slayton, another Mercury astronaut also made a revelation in an interview that he had witnessed a UFO in 1951. He was testing a P-51 in Minneapolis when he sighted the object. For the first time, he was thinking that the object was a kite before realizing that it was impossible for a kite to fly high. As he moved closer, it was looking more of a weather balloon. He had sighted the UFO on a bright, nice and sunny afternoon and was at about 10,000feet. On reaching the object, he realized it was a saucer-disk and was quickly going away from him. The object then suddenly disappeared.…

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