Where the debunkers were wrong

Betty and Barney were the first people to have experienced alien abduction. They were able to attract the world attention because of their UFO abduction, which took place in 1961. The story could not fade into outrageous annals since the two Hills had no interest on the topic, and hence were trustworthy people.

betty-and-barney-alien-abductionDebunkers, unfortunately, generated both misleading and false information, which said that Betty had an interest in the topic. They claim that she already believed in UFOs before the incident and that she had read different books on the UFOs. They went ahead to claim that she was a science fiction fan, and was able to watch several movies on UFO abduction. The facts are in the letter, which was from Barney to Major Donald Keyhole.

The investigator, who was Walter Webb, asked the Hills to tell him on their interest in the UFO topic before the abduction. Barney Hill according to his feedback was with no interest at all with the UFOs nor curious. The wife, on the other hand, was with a small interest that she told her father, but she claimed not to have read any books on the UFOs. Barney also said his family had an interest in the Soviet Union and the United State race but not on the extraterrestrial visitation.

It was in 1997, when Janet miller his mother, packed her car at the roadside to watch an amazing object, which was hanging in the night sky. She, together with many other witnesses, observed amazing objects, which were several in numbers and were disc shaped. The objects came towards a larger craft from various directions got into it. It then took off into the sky disappearing from the sight.

Janet told the story to several other grandmothers and to Betty and Barney in a family visit. Barney, however, required that there be additional explanation for it. Even though Betty thought it was possible, the conversation could not continue from there. There was no mentioning of the story until on September 20, 1961. Betty called to inform her of the experience she had encountered in the evening before in the White Mountains of the New Hampshire

Debunkers claim Betty’s personality to be a dominant one while that of Barney to be a submissive one. They say that Barney would believe, say or even do anything told by Betty, which is false. A test, carried out by Dr. Leo sprinkle on personality show that Barney was within the normal range on measures like self-confidence, suggestibility, self-doubt, inhibitions, excitability, among others. He also scored above average in such things as responsibility, perseverance, achievement, commitment to truth and justice, among others. He not only had his own mind but also a healthy sense of self.

Another claim by Debunkers is that, Barney was with so much stress before their visit to the Niagara Falls and Montreal. They say that they had an intention to use the time to rest which is false. This is because the Hills would have use the time to rest or even go to a nearby vacation. The facts are in the statement, which Barney made to Dr. Benjamin Simon, who is a prominent Boston psychiatrist.