UFO sightings in Canada

ufo-sightings-canadaThe month of May was one of the busy months in the world of UFO reports. This was because the researchers who were carrying out investigations in Winnipeg gave a report on the Canadian UFO survey. In Washington also, six members of congress together with 40 witnesses met to plead, with the UN in order to have them sponsor world conference on UFOs.

Don D., who is a retired psychology professor of the University of Mc Gill, wrote the UFO book. In his book, he confirms that the UFOs existed and that people should get used to them. MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager, born in Toronto and educated, always received letters from several people who saw weird objects. People wrote letters to have her explain on what the objects were.

 Sara searches for Goldilocks planet, which has its location in the far space that can support life. She does not know either of any scientist who believes that aliens make visits or in UFOs. She required more evidence together with hardware, which one can study objectively. This is by putting them on a lab bench and analyzing. According to her, there was a call for the information to get to people concerning on their research on the aliens even though not on intelligent life.

In Winnipeg, reports on UFO sightings in Canada released by Geoff Dittman together with Chris Rutkowski. There were 986 reports in 2011 and 1,981 the following year, which is about five daily. They realized that Ontario had many sightings compared to the other provinces, which may be because it has the largest population. Chris claimed that there are several activities in the sky and that many people were watching which was contrary to what people knew.

Many of the reports were on lights, which to him could be the paper lanterns of the Chinese floating high with a source of heat. It could also be airliners, which one views at odd angles, military exercises, or comets that are entering the atmosphere. Few of the Canadian sightings do not have a real explanation. There astronauts think that there could be life in the outer space, but it is difficult to get there or to come from there.

Chris argued that there was a need for them to get to know on what people see and experience. They also needed to know that the science of investigating on UFO was extinct. To the scientists, the phenomenon was foolish to bother since it was not hard to explain. In his book, he says that the positions were untenable. This was because one in ten Canadians believed to have seen a UFO. This means that around 3-4 million people had experience with the UFOs.

Rod Buckmuller, who is a retired courier business, is one of the many people who gave the report to Chris. His experience was on August 9, when he was smoking on the side porch. He heard his wife screaming and asking him to go where she was. She saw red and white lights above the tree. At first, Rod thought he was seeing a disc that was in about a meter away from where he was. The disc rotated slowly, and its red light gave way for a green one.