UFO at the Olympic opening ceremony

UFO olympic blimpWhile the fireworks were lighting up the heavens, which were above the Olympics opening ceremony, people could also see something else. About a billion people were watching the UFO, which was among the whizz-bangs in the sky. The incident was exactly as Nick Pope, who is one of the top UK’s UFO experts, predicted prior to the Olympics. He had said the mass summer events were going to be the best time that the crafts from the other worlds, were going to show themselves up to humankind.

Pope working in the ministry of defense for 20 years was able to make an investigation on the UFO reports between 1991 and 1994. As he begun his research, he was skeptic before he got a conviction that the sightings brought significant defense issues on air safety and national security. According to him, the ministry of defense has had a wide believe that the “aliens” have been watching them for many years

The central government has come to the realization that what was a science fiction at first is now real. In case the aliens had studied the people’s psychology, they would choose to appear in the skies on crucial days. The Olympic closing ceremony is a date, which the conspiracy groups spread. Two weeks before, it came to the realization that Tony Blair, the former prime minister got a briefing concerning the UFOs.

The briefing was from the ministry of defense since he had concerns on disclosure of confidential information on life forms of the aliens. The introduction of freedom of information enabled the public to get information concerning the alien mysteries. This was due to Downing Street requesting for advice for the prime minister.

The Daily Telegraph shows that Blair requested the MoD to give him advice to get its policy on the issue. One of the staffs informed him of their less interest in the UFO matters and their open-mindedness on the extraterrestrial life forms. The briefing particulars came before the release of files government, which was on July 12. There were pages exceeding 6,700, which were explaining on the different close encounters with UFOs for 30 years.

The policeman’s report on a mysterious cluster of lights is one of the many series of UFO sightings. The lights were moving across the sky when there was a replay between Manchester United and Chelsea. A mounted officer also gave a claim that he saw bright objects hovering over Stamford. The object hovered for about 15 minutes as they slowly changed shape and the colleague collaborating them.

Credible witness report is among the series which the ministry of defense did an investigation. Following the 2009 closure of the ministry’s UFO desk, the National Archives are releasing the top-secret files. A confidential report written in 1995 by a defense officer, who controlled the desk, says that extraterrestrial life forms were existent, but there is no evidence on them. The report also gives a speculation on why the aliens visit the earth. They suggest that they would have come for scientific research, military reconnaissance, or to enjoy the scenery and be partakers in some tourism.