The Nazi UFOs

Many people claim that German Nazi attempted to develop a superior spacecraft both during and before the World War II. The superior spacecraft has famously come to get the name Nazi UFOs. The stories link to the esoteric Nazism even though the there are no true evidence. The ideology gives a proposal of restoration of the Nazi by supernatural beings even though it is almost impossible.

The early 1950’s report on Nazi UFO sightings in Italy newspaper was the first claim. A German engineer later gave two interviews. He gave a claim that he had come up with an aircraft, which had its powering coming from circular planes that are of rotating turbines. However, someone stole the plane stolen according to him. His interview, unfortunately, was with several discrepancies, which led to much confusion since it was impossible for anyone to confirm the truth.

In 1953, Gorge Klein who is a German engineer claimed of having sighted both a disk containing a ring of turbine blades, which were moving around an immovable cockpit and a non-rotating disk. He also told of the designs of the disks. An aeronautical engineer who was present said that, the only crafts that resembled the flying saucers were the once that Germans designed at the end of the war.

nazi-ufoOther people also claimed that the society encountered aliens, causing them to create the Nazi UFOs in order for them to reach the aliens. The Nazis, however, were not victorious, which caused them to vanish later. Others also believe that the Germans got into collaboration with the Axis powers, for example, Japan and Italy, in superior vessel research. They also say that the Germans landed in the moon in 1952.

In the war, the Germans came up with technology, which they would use in designing their crafts and even weapons. They were with advanced weapon compared with those of their friends. As the war ended, several people claimed that the German friends raided their laboratories making a secret testing of their flying saucers. This then led to the famous Nazi UFO sightings.

A man called Rudolf wrote a book on the several reports of the Nazi UFOs. He was a major in the technical unit of the German. His book claimed that a German engineer with other many engineers were working on designing different disk shaped crafts. The book also spoke of the crafts having gone through testing, and   that they would go as far as altitude of 3900 feet within three minutes.

Many people think that Nick Cook, who is a respected journalist of aviation, probably took the Nazi UFOs research seriously. He was able to visit several places that Rudolf talked of in his book. This enabled him to link the Nazi UFOs stories to a man known as Victor Schauberger. He, therefore, made a conclusion that incase Victor was victorious; his crafts must have formed an anti-gravity effect. The truth behind Nazi UFOs, unfortunately, to date has become a mystery. Experimentation of the concept, however, within the Reich is possible.